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Transwarp Development Project - Threshold Album

Transwarp Development Project - Threshold Album

Performer: Transwarp Development Project
Title: Threshold
Style: Trance, Techno, Breakbeat
Cat#: 11840
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Rating: 4.1
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Genre: Electronic

Transwarp Development Project - Threshold Album


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The transwarp threshold also known as the maximum warp barrier or the transwarp barrier was a boundary that separated warp from transwarp and was identified in the 24th century as the velocity of warp 10. In 2372, Tom Paris became the first Human to cross the transwarp threshold in the Class 2 shuttle Cochrane. While the attempt was successful, the Federation transwarp drive turned out to be an unsafe method of bringing USS Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant, as it induced hyper-evolution in Humans. Multiple realitiescovers information from several alternate timelines. Transwarp is a term associated with some technologies that allow the utilization of speeds that exceed traditional warp drive limits. TNG: Descent. The Federation developed transwarp beaming by 2387. This transporter technology allowed the instantaneous beaming of living beings between planets and distant star systems, or even onto a starship traveling at high warp. The theory was postulated and perfected by Montgomery Scott. Transwarp drive was a term applied to some types of propulsion technologies that overcame the limitations of conventional warp drives. The USS Excelsior was employed by Starfleet to test the Federation's version of the transwarp drive in the 2280s. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock By the following decade, however, the ship used a standard warp drive. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dilithium used in all Federation warp cores becomes unstable at the high warp frequency. Transwarp is a term for any speed that exceeds that of traditional warp drive limitations. Efforts to develop a transwarp propulsion system date back to at least the 2260s. Research conducted over eight years into the field of transwarp was made by a specialist in interspace physics called Perren. In the mid 23rd century, Professor Ursula Mornay of the University of Tarrigor perfected the theory for transwarp though Perren was responsible for constructing the actual hardware needed to make such an. Real World articlewritten from a Production point of view. A specially-outfitted warp-capable shuttlecraft piloted by Tom Paris successfully reaches Warp 10, breaking the transwarp barrier. But the side effects of breaking the barrier may cost the crew of Voyager their best helmsman. Tom Paris is in an experimental shuttlecraft, attempting to break the warp 10 barrier. He brings the Class 2 shuttle up to warp , when the nacelles are suddenly ripped from the shuttle and it seemingly explodes. Threshold is the sixth studio album by the Swedish heavy metal band HammerFall. It was released in 2006 but on different dates for different countries. On October 18 in Sweden then on October 20 in Europe followed by France and the UK on October 23 and finally in the United States on October 31. The album entered the Swedish charts at number one, staying on the chart for eight weeks. This was the band's first No. 1 since Renegade in 2000. It is currently the last HammerFall studio album with the. Listen to music from Threshold Project like Sunday, 9000 & more. Threshold Project's tracks explore the frontier between techno, house and breakbeats, combined with funkiness, deepness and groovy basslines anListen to music from Threshold Project like Sunday, 9000 & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Threshold Project. Threshold Project's tracks explore the frontier between techno, house and breakbeats, combined with funkiness, deepness and groovy basslines an read more. With several EPs, collaborations such as 'Sons of florinth Better Bring Your Blaster' and some remixes for other artists, Threshold Project from Cologne, Germany became known to deliver tracks sure to move every crowd and fill the dancefloor. The '' video was repe read more. ThreShold Project, Montijo, Portugal. Psytrance Project produced by Rui Ribeiro. This project is a combination of strong melodies and. A small sample of what is happening here in the studio , is one of the album 's songs with a voice of a man that we all know. who finds out who is . ThreShold Project. 14 December 2016 . Threshold would have been better had they turned into those terror dogs from ghostbusters instead of lizards. transwarp terror dogs. The entire episode Threshold from Star Trek Voyager is about a transwarp experiment by the USS Voyager crew. To get home faster, a shuttle is modified with novel dilithium crystals. The crew is trying to break the transwarp threshold. This threshold is between warp and warp 10, and transwarp itself represented the infinite speed. The shuttle allegedly found itself at all points in the universe at the same time during the flight. However, the pilot suffers genetic mutations after the flight, so it is not repeated