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Christöphilax - Christöphilax As Formative Of The Function Of The I Album

Christöphilax - Christöphilax As Formative Of The Function Of The I Album

Performer: Christöphilax
Title: Christöphilax As Formative Of The Function Of The I
Style: Experimental
Cat#: c-lax667
Country: US
Label: Not On Label
Size MP3 version: 1792 mb
Size FLAC version: 2968 mb
Size WMA version: 2664 mb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 289
Genre: Electronic

Christöphilax - Christöphilax As Formative Of The Function Of The I Album


1Skye Boat Song5:25
2Death By Budgerigar7:15
3Sialkot (For Mr. Khalid M. B.)5:21
4Ear, Nose And Throat4:11
5The Year Of The Pettifogger6:11
7Suburban Gamelan6:15
8Cornelius Cardew Crosses The Road4:02
10Sinisa Mihajlovic6:20
11Chimps' Corner6:28
12Louder, Lads, The Lord Can't Hear You4:14
13Dwyle Flonker5:15
14The Ears of Drachen Theaker6:35


From the artist's website:


Potential auditors are encouraged to read the following notes on christöphilax as formative of the function of the I:

1. dwyle flonker
christöphilax applauds the subversive value of ritualised play in the reproduction of traditional, rustic communities, especially when such organic, indigenous pastimes celebrate the disruptive lower regions of the body and by extension of the body-social. This phenomenon has been anatomised by noted fellow cultural worker Mikhail M. Bakhtin.

2. the ears of drachen theaker
christöphilax meditates on aesthetics and their demands. drachen theaker was born with two sets of ears. He died of a brain tumour.

3. death by budgerigar
In this feathered revenge fantasy, christöphilax notes that the ubiquity of the caged budgerigar in the parlors and sitting rooms of petit-bourgeois Europe is another by-product of Empire. Who's a pretty boy, then?

4. skye boat song
A rogue tear coursing down her cheek, christöphilax salutes those who fell at Bannockburn in this traditional song, recorded in solidarity with movements towards Scottish independence. Scotland is, as noted fellow cultural worker Alan Sinfield has observed, "One of the first and the last colonies of England."

5. ear, nose and throat
Fellow cultural worker Salman Rushdie says that the nose is where the inside meets the outside. christöphilax had her adenoids out and her septum straightened on the British National Health Service. christöphilax is still considering the ideological and material implications of this event.

6. chimps' corner
Every home has one. Dust-coated boiled sweets, coins of small denomination, dried orange peel, clots of hair decomposing, banana skins. christöphilax dedicates this track to Alfred the Gorilla and to members of the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT) who constructed his environment at the Bristol Zoo.

7. cornelius cardew crosses the road
christöphilax's sensitive homage to the last moments of a significant fellow cultural worker.

8. suburban gamelan
Another installment in christöphilax's continued interrogation of the fetishisation of the "primitive" in late-capitialist society.

9. the year of the pettifogger
In light of the imminent revolution, christöphilax anticipates, with considerable pleasure, the obsolescence of the following whose bald-faced lying and cheerful incompetence has marred her past 12 months: handymen, dentists, doctors, cheese sellers, removal companies, attorneys, carpet vendors, hypocritical and poorly managed non-profit organisations, Che Bella pizzeria, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, heating engineers, general contractors, plumbers, UPS, Federal Express, Home Depot and Suba the Pharmacist.

10. louder lads, the lord can't hear you
christöphilax remembers Althusser, a fellow cultural worker. He strangled his wife in a moment of madness but he could think the hind legs off a donkey.

11. sialkot (for Mr. Khalid M. B.)
christöphilax meditates on a canny appropriation by the artisans of the Punjab. Notwithstanding their ingenuity and craftsmanship, they are compelled to sell their fine handiwork back to the "first world" for a 50th of the price it would fetch if their business were based in New York, London or Paris.

12. psora3
A further dermatological observation. See itch, especially "psora1" and "psora2."

13. sinisa mihajlovic
christöphilax's provisional observations on the implication of popular culture forms in the mythology of "historical" ethnic divisions.

14. beagle3
To christöphilax, space exploration embodies the ongoing tension between the military industrial complex with its technological obfuscation of everyday life and the essential human hunger for a knowledge of others and otherness.

15. untitled


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